Friday, July 19, 2013

Mersey Beat

Mark’s supervisor is a fellow Beatles fan and was kind enough to send me the Bob Spitz biography, which I've always wanted to read. I started it last night and will read all 800+ pages. From what I’ve heard, I’ve concluded that it’s basically a Beatles version of East of Eden, Great Expectations, and Fifty Shades of Grey (shivers).

My only complaint is, though the "rhythm" of the book is not unlike a Steinbeck novel, it lacks the Steinbeck imagery and flow. The nouns are swimming, no, drowning in a sea of adjectives. It’s distracting, and I’m finding it hard to pick out the story. I’m clinging to the little noun life rafts! I’ve only made it past the Proglogue, so I’ll give it some more attention. And, I have to say, if you’re going to drown in a sea of adjectives, why not be the ones describing Liverpool Skiffle and the Mersey Beat!?

I’m also noting all the Liverpool bands that the book mentions -- fighting for survival at that time and having fun listening to them today while I yawn lazily at my desk and sort email.

Tomorrow we have a little family reunion, so here’s hoping that E gets some rest today. We’re under a heat advisory this afternoon, so we’ll be hunkering down at home, playing in the pool if possible, and hopefully having some fun family time.

But for now, I’m hanging out with these fine folks...

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