Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project Life Filler Page

For the longest time, there was a tune that kept playing in my head that I knew was from my childhood but just couldn't remember. Years later, when I was in my teens, my best friend from high school and I were listening to her father's record collection when I heard it again and knew -- that's the one -- the missing link in my music past! It was: Jet Airliner by Steve Miller Band. My parents were big fans, and I remember it playing in the car on a fall day and Mom singing along.

I decided to create a Project Life page for Ellie with just a list of her favorite songs as a baby. I know this doesn't cover all of them. We're a very musical family! Still, it will be a good starting point if she ever wants to explore her musical past.

I used digital supplies from the Shabby Princess (background, yellow flower, tape for banner, and note paper) and Doodle Craft (frame - check out their site for more antique frames)!


Nat said...

What a spectacular layout! I am so glad you found my frame! What a darling little baby too! Thanks for the shout out!
Nat :)

Gretchin said...

Thanks, Nat! I'll be frequenting your site for more ideas! :-)