Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How?? Why?

HOW is it that, over the past 3 months, every time I've gotten anything from the local cafe, there is an egg shell in it?
If you're making an omelette, I understand. Things move pretty quickly in the kitchen. A rushed egg-cracker may inadvertently drop a shell in the pan. I was even understanding when, in my egg and cheese sandwich, I found half of an egg shell, sticking out of the side of the sandwich!
I decided to stick to scones for awhile, with a hot cup of tea. Ahh...
This morning, I actually got an egg shell in my scone. HOW does that happen? How do you not notice, while cracking eggs for a batch of scones, that an egg shell dropped in? What's next, egg shells in my tea? My tuna sandwich?!
And WHY do I keep eating there? I guess because the food is cheap, and I am a hungry optimist!

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