Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eshakti.com Custom-Made Dress Review

It looks like I am one of many bloggers who have reviewed Eshakti! But, hey, free dress, so I'm thrilled!

I have to preface this review by saying that my husband and I are both a bit skeptical about online shopping. For ordering books and computer equipment, it's fine, but I rarely buy clothes online. I have a "unique" figure, so when I shop for clothes, I prepare myself for a physically and emotionally draining day of trying on outfits in a department store.

All I want is a fairy godmother to come to my house, take one look at my body, and, knowing my exact measurements, wave her magic wand to create the perfect dress for me. I'd also like her to coddle me and tell me that my thighs aren't too big. Is that too much to ask?!

I honestly thought so until I tried Eshakti.com! They have completely changed my perspective about online clothes shopping. They custom make dresses and other articles of clothing (mainly tops) using your measurements -- and at a reasonable price.

When you go to the site, you can browse the clothing available. They have many classic styles and some more-modern pieces too. I've always wanted my own 1950s, I Love Lucy house dress, so I picked a similar style.

The site prompted me for my measurements. Eshakti suggests having someone else measure you and offers clear instructions for measuring. I had no help at the time, but with the use of a mirror, I was able to do it on my own and make sure the measuring tape was straight.

I entered the measurements on the site and experimented with the other custom options for the dress like sleeve length and skirt length. Including the time to measure myself, the entire process took about a half hour, but the site saves your measurements for future purchases... And I didn't have to spend 2+ hours in a dressing room!

My dress arrived via DHL today. I've heard some complaints about DHL, but this is the one (and only) shipping company to call me the day before they were making a delivery to make sure that I'd be home to accept the package or that it was okay to leave it at the door. So, I actually received my package... in back woods Vermont! I was happy!

The dress came in a small, compact box. I immediately tried it on, and it fit beautifully! I love this dress!

Sometimes I have to be my own fairy godmother, and Eshakti was kind enough to help! They can't coddle you and tell you that your thighs look beautiful, but you won't need them to when you're wearing your custom-fit dress. You'll feel beautiful, in clothes made just for you!

Better pics to come!


Rachel said...

What a beautiful dress!

You're great advertising for them - guess where I'm going next.

Gretchin said...

Wonderful! Thanks, Rachel!