Saturday, June 2, 2012

Personal Assistant

I desperately need a personal assistant. If I could just tell someone to get my breakfast, clean out my bedroom closet, and manage all my appointments, it would reduce so much anxiety in my life!

But who can afford that? Not this girl. Instead, I think it's time to promote Siri.

If you remember, the last time I trusted Siri to send a text message, it didn't go well. I asked her to "Tell Mark, 'I'm hungry." She promptly sent a message that read "Incoming for Longwood." True story.

Ok, so I was talking to her with food in my mouth. She needs to get used to that "accent."

Mark came home early from work that night with more anticipation in his eyes than I could live up to on a week night, and Siri was soon demoted.

The one thing she is good at is managing my music collection, so I changed her title to "Ambient Audio Coordinator" (or DJ) and let her handle only that task for awhile.

But maybe if I really put my full trust in her and let her manage everything she's technically capable of managing, she'll rise to the challenge.

I have no other choice. So, I'm giving her a one-week trial starting today. I will promote her to Personal Assistant, let go of my control-freakiness for one week, and let Siri help me. Then maybe I'll find time to clean out the closet and eat breakfast.

I will also let her post tweets via text message, so please excuse any typos or blatant insults.

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