Monday, March 30, 2015

You Are My Sunshine

Wow, where have the last two months gone? Someday, my dear Ellie, I hope you will read this blog and not be disappointed that I took a 2-month blogging vacation this year.

How do I sum up the last 2 months of being with my beautiful 3-year-old? I just can’t. I can’t capture every moment. And that’s okay. We lived them!

February was tough. There were temper tantrums and arguments, challenges, and trials, but I’m proud of us for working through it. A fellow mom told me that the “horrible 3s” would probably only last about 6 months. That seemed like a long time, but as usual, you’re ahead of the game, and it seems like we’ve reached a new “age of reasoning” early. I hope it lasts!

Sure, we still have our typical tough moments, but especially in the last few weeks, we communicate so well. You’ve learned to calm yourself, and I’ve learned to just let you be angry sometimes. It’s a nice balance.

And, oh the questions! Such beautiful questions you’ve asked me like, 1. “What’s a temper tantrum?” Ha! And 2. “What’s a false alarm?” and 3. “Why are two boys kissing in that video?” (You wanted to watch a short gay-rights activist documentary on YouTube):
  1. That thing where you just rolled around, banging your head on the floor, screaming that you wanted a cheese stick.
  2. Like, when you think something bad is about to happen but it doesn’t, and…
  3. Mommy and Daddy are a couple – a girl and a boy, but some couples are two boys, some are two girls. Does anyone in your class have two mommies or two daddies?
I was prepared to give you a complete history of rights activism in America, with a brief demonstration and roll-out timeline, but you were totally unfazed about that answer. Two people who love each other getting married? What’s the big deal? “Let’s talk more about false alarms.” Smart girl.

In other news, you now get your own cheese sticks from the fridge. I can hand you a granola bar or a bag of Cheddar Goldfish, and you open it by yourself. You stand up on your bed and say things like, “Look how big I am!” And you are! Wow, you are SO tall! I’m sure you’re going to hit 6 feet soon.

Your favorite toys are Anna & Elsa dolls and Paw Patrol anything. We must create elaborate scenes in which Elsa is trapped on a frozen mountain, and the Paw Patrol has to go rescue her. “Pups, to the lookout!” “Rider needs us!”

Your favorite foods are apples, carrots, cantaloupe, cheese sticks, yogurt, peas, mashed potatoes, and ravioli.

You are caring, kind. You don’t like to see anyone get hurt on TV, especially any Paw Patrol pups, or that boy in the Mary Poppins play who pretended to fall down. When we went to see Cinderella on Friday, you couldn’t understand how the step-mom and sisters could be so mean. You exude positivity, love, and acceptance. So, I can confirm what you’ve been telling me for the last few months: that, yes, you are a princess – in all the ways that really matter.

I tell you every day, but I’ll put it in writing again anyway – I love you, I love painting with you, playing with you, dancing, singing, playing Candy Land, Paw Patrol, and Guess Who. If I sometimes seem tired or frustrated, it’s not your fault. You are and always will be my “sunshine.”

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