Friday, December 5, 2014

The Old Fool

Hello, lovely readers! Just a quick update today to document some of E's funny toddler antics.

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My toddler has been calling me an "old fool" lately, and her little sense of humor just seems to be blooming. As usual, I'm totally overwhelmed with trying to document every funny thing this kid says. Besides the usual screeching of "I'M NEVER GOING TO BED!!" her cute, little phrases like "Well, hello, my dearie," just crack us up and melt our hearts.

Last Friday night, I went out with Kim to her art show, and we didn't get back until late. Mark had put Ellie to bed at his parents' house in her usual spot, on a mattress next to my bed. I climbed into bed long after she fell asleep, so when she woke up in the morning, she had no idea it was me sleeping in the big bed. I figured that out after she whispered, "Daddy? Is that you?"

So, I ducked under the covers and peeked out at her. Her little eyes looked right at mine, and she started laughing... and laughing. She fell over onto her pillow and laughed more.

Finally, I ducked my head out, she looked straight at me and said, "Mama! I looked up! I peeked at the blankets, and I saw an EYE!!!!! And, I thought, 'Hmm... who is that!?'"

So freakin' adorable! When I pick her up at day care, she runs to me, jumps in my arms, and says, "Awww... you old fool!!" She's definitely the silly kid in class, and the antics continue at home.

Bedtime is an absolute nightmare, but we laugh a lot. She's getting more daring and thinks nothing of scaling furniture to launch herself onto my shoulders or diving 3 feet off her bed to catch me before I try to sneak out the door. Like most kids, she needs to use the potty twice, have 2 glasses of milk, 1 glass of water. By that time, I'm tackling my freelance work and pass those tasks off to my loving husband. Ha!

There's non-stop conversation from Elle -- "Did you know snowflakes taste like candlelight?" That's sweet! "No, I think they taste like cheese." "Mama, is tomorrow a day care day?" "Excuse me, Mama!! Is tomorrow a day care day!?" YES.

"Ellie, if you don't get to bed, snowman (our version of elf-on-the-shelf) won't bring you a treat in the morning."

"No, no, no!!" she says, "Hold on."

She goes and finds snowman Olaf and puts him right next to the tree. She gives him a little pep talk and rushes off to bed.

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