Sunday, August 3, 2014

All Settled In!

So, I'm all settled into my official YMIS office tonight...! Woohoo! In other words, I've reclaimed a corner of my bedroom!

The first thing I found out I needed was a To-Do List. Keeping my bullet journal handy is always helpful, but I tend to use that in the morning when I'm planning my day. I needed a little something different for nighttime -- just one big to-do list to keep track of my freelance and blog design tasks.

I had an extra photo frame that I bought at Christmas Tree Shops ($2.99!), so I printed a to-do list for the frame and used a dry-erase marker to write on it! Easy-peasy, as Elle says!

So, this is the first official project coming out of the YMIS Office! CHEAP Dry-Erase Checklist!

You can download the 8" x 10" printable (here) to make your own! Make sure to print it at actual size and trim to the square provided to fit it to your frame.

Now I'm off to eat dinner and work on my Dasha Kalisz Pottery site! It needs some tweaking!

Night all!