Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm Okay

One of E's newest phrases is, "I'm okay!"

Being a mom with anxiety, this is music to my ears! Even after she takes a tumble or pinches her fingers in a door, the sound of those two certain words, "I'm okay," triggers a sigh of relief from me.

Last week, we were out shopping, and I had stopped at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. I threw it in the cart with E. A few minutes later, I noticed her eating something. She was holding the prescription box, but it was clear that it wasn't open. Still, I worried something had been stuck to the outside of the box, something that she was eating...

She immediately noticed the look of concern on my face and said, exasperated, "Just pretend, Mommy! I'm okay."

Whew. Ok!

Somehow she's learned to respond to even the subtlest look of terror in my eyes with a, "Geez, Ma! I'm totally fine!" attitude.

As much as I hate that she has to have that attitude with me at 2-years-old, I'm so grateful that we're figuring each other out, that we're forming this funny little mother-daughter relationship.

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