Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello Snow!

E loves the snow! We bundled her up this morning -- usual attire -- boots, snow pants, coat, hat, mittens. Mark dressed in the same. I donned my supportive boot on my broken foot. Haha! Snow hobbler on the loose!

We went out to the back of our lot where the most snow was piled up. Mark put E down and started making some snowballs. She freaked out -- not in a good way. It was so cold out, and the wind was blowing in her face. She only wanted us to hold her.

Even Mark's snow angel didn't impress her. We took her to play on the back porch, out of the wind. After a few minutes, she opened the door and went inside. We were out for maybe 20 minutes...

Still, I made her hot cocoa and a warm lunch and took some pics with my digital SLR.

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