Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Well, I'm Back

My business trip to Minneapolis was great! I got to meet some wonderful people who I'll be working with shortly! The trip was filled with missed opportunities, missed connecting flights, missing my family, but I really couldn't complain. It was a vacation for this full-time working mama! I got to stay at nice hotels, expense my meals, and a last-minute flight cancellation meant that I got to check out the Mall of America.

I met some wonderfully friendly folks in Minnesota -- a fellow mom who was in a similar traveling situation, a 75-year-old shuttle driver who had been in the airline business for over 50 years, the super flamboyant flight-delay guy who showered us with free gifts from Delta.

Ellie had sent Moosey with me, and I busied myself taking photos of him on various legs of the journey. I was surprised how much of a security item it came to be. Me and Moosey, like Tom Hanks and Wilson, survived the wild terminals together.

FaceTime with my family!
I came home to a messy apartment, and two people who were overjoyed to see me. It was great to be home, and I was ready for the weekend. Ellie climbed on me, hugged me, kissed my nose, my eyes. I held her like a baby in my arms, and she laughed out loud as I tickled her. It was then that I noticed her ridiculously swollen, white-spotted tonsils! Quick trip to the doctor confirmed it -- she has strep throat. Welcome home, Mama! Antibiotics, fluids, and rest. Fingers crossed that the rest of us have been inoculated via toddler smooches.

We were all tired and moody. Ellie through typical toddler temper tantrums, and I just wasn't quite ready to deal. I cried off and on, adjusting to re-entry of family life. Friday night, I climbed halfway into bed and fell asleep before my head reached the pillow. Mark had to move me so he could get in bed. Saturday was better, vacation excitement (1 week!), got the apartment cleaned, grocery shopping done. I feel like we're finally on the home stretch!

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