Monday, November 3, 2014

Disney Dream Chaos

Hello, Dear Friends!

Just checking in to say that the next few days are going to be complete chaos prepping for our one-day Disney Dream Vacation. We are packing tonight and will have to be completely ready by tomorrow night, because we fly out at 6am on Wednesday morning! We'll be staying in Florida, taking in the local sights, and spending one day at Disney, one day at Universal.

Ellie is ecstatic. In her mind, leaving "in a few days" means leaving "now." She can barely sleep, and I crush her dreams every time she looks up at me with the kind of hope in her eyes that only a two-year-old could have and asks, "Are we leaving for Florida NOW?"

"Just a few more days," I say sadly.
"But why?" "How?" "I don't understand."

We take another link off our paper count-down chain and put another sticker on our monthly calendar. Soon enough, Lady, soon enough!

Time to slow down and prepare for our first ever (real) family vacation! Follow our journey on Instagram and Twitter, and I'll update the blog as soon as I can!

The Strange Family

P.S. She doesn't know that's not an Elsa dress she's wearing... Shh!

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