Thursday, June 5, 2014

Busyness Business

Busy, busy, busy! I was really determined to post more than once this week, but here comes the end of the week already, and I really don't have time to post this morning.

Let me give you a quick update and point you to some other fun things to check out today!

Snow-Tire Switch!
This week is "switch the snow-tires" week. I was embarrassed that we waited this long to do it until I found out that every other native Vermonter is doing the same this week. It could snow tomorrow, really, and none of us would be surprised!

These tire-switch days are crazy. We have to get E up early and try to get her out the door at a decent time. Her biggest concern upon waking is FOOD, so I made her a picnic breakfast to eat in the car and lured her outside with it. I put it in her new gardening bucket, and Mark came up with the catchy name, "Bucket Breakfast." We have quickly learned that E will do almost anything for a Bucket Breakfast including leave the house at 7:30am! We dropped Mark's car off, and began our long trek across the state, the entire family in one car, to drop off each one of us at our morning destinations. I'm the last one to work, and once I arrive, I feel like I've worked an entire day already.

But E is our little trooper and loves chatting with us all the way to her day-care drop off, and Mark and I are enjoying some extra time visiting in the morning on our way to work together.

The Curs-ed Crohn's
My Crohn's medicine is working fantastically, and I've already enjoyed a few sick-free days, made even better simply by not being worried so much about what I'm eating and what will make me sick. Everyone who finds out I have it says, "Oh no!! That's horrible." But the truth is that I feel better than I've felt in a long time. Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital for some more tests, but I'm praying and focusing on the positive and hoping all will be fine.

Throwback Thursday
I'm enjoying reading past posts about what we were all doing last year at this time. I particularly loved reminiscing about:
Stay Tuned
  1. Coming up next! I'm working on a BVT Moms Blog post about a super weepy moment I had in the car the other day about my "baby" growing up so fast. Weird, because I was not a huge fan of the baby stage.
  2. Also, if you haven't already, please consider donating to the great cause in our current Giveaway to help pay for Bret's cancer treatments! If you donate (or have already donated), make sure to put your name in to the drawing via the Rafflecopter widget above (honor system)! And if you need any help entering, just shoot me an email at
  3. Mark, E, and I are going to Bret's and Carrie's baby shower this Sunday, and we can't wait!
  4. I'm in the planning stages of rearranging E's room and planning to disassemble her crib and set up her new twin bed, as she is just about longer than the crib itself! And more household organizing in preparation for my parents' visit in a few weeks!
  5. We're doing more art stuff, a Wreck Journal, and Park Hopping!
  6. Then I get to go to the BVT Moms event, "Divas on Deck" on the Lake Champlain cruise, and our nephew's graduation is coming up! He was 6-years-old when Mark and I met. Wahhh!!

Time marches on, and we're all doing well here!

Thanks, as always, for reading and following our adventure!

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