Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sock Queen

Yesterday morning Mark was frustrated trying to find socks for E. I finally yelled from the bathroom, "Did you look in the sock bucket??"

"No, I don't know where it is!!"

E jumped up, ran past him to her play room, and grabbed the sock bucket which had blended in with her toys. It's half her size, but she scooped it up happily, toddled across the room to bring it to Mark, and said, "There's the bucket!" (Dares da buck-it!)

Then she reached in, grabbed a handful of socks and cheered, "Socks!!!" as she waved them in the air. She was so happy to help!

This morning, she was running around in the bathroom while I tried to get ready. I said, "Um... Can you go help Dada get ready?" I meant it in a general, "outta-my-hair" kinda way... Ha!

She looked up at me, so seriously, and said, "Socks!?" Haha! So ready to do her new job!

As hard as it is to be a mom somedays, she really does complete our family and make our lives easier. She fixes things, simplifies them.

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