Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I'm Right Here

I just had to quickly document some cute, little E sayings from yesterday:

Ever since I broke this bone in my foot, she’s been taking care of me. “Take my hand, Mommy!” she says, “Don’t worry!” and, “I have you!” It melts my heart. Yesterday, she ran down the ramp at day care and insisted I hold her hand so that I wouldn’t fall down. It works, because I need her to hold my hand so that she won’t run out into the parking lot. Win, win!

I just love my girl! Last night I had to meet Kim to pick up E’s snow pants that we had left at her house. On our way, the moon was coming up, and E kept trying to catch glimpses of it as it disappeared behind mountains and trees. She cried when she couldn’t see it (sleepy girl). Finally, it was in full view.

“Oh, hello, moon!” she cried from the backseat.
“I see you, moon! Don’t cry, moon. I’m right here. I’m right here, moon.”

What a sweetheart!

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