Sunday, August 12, 2012

And Stretch!

I've been so achy lately carrying around my 20-lb, 30" 7-month old. I use the term "baby beast" with love. She is an unstoppable force in our household -- screeching, kicking, grabbing, pulling, playing, and scooting her way into mischief. She is stronger than most 1-year-olds, and I'm struggling to keep up.

My body hurts. So, today I looked for some "new mom" stretches that would help my body adjust to her ever-growing list of baby demands. For example, this week she only seems happy if I'm dancing and dipping her like a princess in the grand ballroom of some imaginary palace. My heart is in it, but my back is protesting. had a few visuals for stretching that looked helpful. After flipping through them, I realized these are moves I know quite well... I had a sudden surge of motivation. "I can do this!!"

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